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New Product

A new software package that makes the transition from junior to secondary school a positive experience.

The Virtual Education Partnership Limited (“VEd”) is a leading developer of visualisation and simulation software for the education and heritage sectors. From offices in Liverpool, Chesterfield and Leeds, we provide a total service, from identifying a client’s needs, to offering extensive consultancy and after-sales service.

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Each school offers a range of accommodation options, providing a rich and stimulating extra-curricular life for every student. We consider that accommodation is a key aspect of any language course abroad. That’s why, when choosing our partner schools, we select institutions that can guarantee the same high quality of accommodation as they do for their courses. We take great pleasure in helping you find the type of accommodation that is most suitable for you.

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Host family

Host families are carefully chosen by our partner schools and are regularly monitored by student feedback. In general, students with the same mother tongue are not accommodated together, unless requested. Specific requests concerning the host family (children, teenagers, animals, special diets, non-smokers, etc.) are taken into account whenever possible. It is very important to let us know if you suffer from any allergies or medical conditions so that we can inform the host family. Your interests and hobbies will also a factor in choosing the most suitable family for you. Host families generally live near the school. There is no doubt that staying with a family is the best type of accommodation for language studies. Daily contact with the family enables you to practise the language regularly, as well as to explore the language, customs and way of life of the country. This great experience is an excellent complement to the courses. Friendships are often forged and many students keep in touch with their host families long after their stay has ended.


An ideal option for students aiming to enjoy maximum independence, this type of accommodation is the best way to meet other students. You can choose a single or (more commonly) a double room, and you will usually have to share the bathroom and kitchen with other students. The level of comfort in campus accommodation depends on the general standard of living in the country you have selected.



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